Today I'm beside myself with love. I don't think I could ever say "thank you" enough for all of the joys in my life, from the gigantic to the mundane.

If there is one thing that I'm the most thankful for on this day, it's without a doubt this dude, my favorite turkey. So Charles, this one goes out to you.

For the past six years, we have been a team. We've been through it all and from our highest highs to our lowest lows, you have stuck with me and always with unconditional love. Have there been times where I doubted having a dog? Of course, but thinking of giving you away and actually doing it are two different matters. You are not only a dog, you are a loyal (always on leash) companion, with the most tender westie kisses when I need them most. You never pass judgement on me and you are always down to go on an adventure.

So to you, my friend, thank you for all the love, joy, and funniness you add to me life. The corn chip smelling paws is something I could live with out but I could never thank you enough and would not trade our mother-pup bond for anything in this world. You're a good boy and I love you.

Ps. Did I mention how handsome you are?


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