Weekend Plans

Besides my normal weekend routine of cleaning house, misc projects, sleeping in, etc I think I've finally waited long enough off on decking my halls. Yesterday kicked off the start of the season for me when I purchased the FIRST Christmas gift for my soon to be godson and as Thanksgiving is fast approaching it seems only appropriate to get a head start. I want this year to smooth sailing on calm waters and not a huge holiday hot mess. Added bonus, I'm one of those weirdos who will sit in her living room with all the lights off, playing holiday music, staring at her lit up Christmas tree (always clear lights, the colored lights give me a headache.. in case anyone was curious)  It helps soothe me when the world outside is so meh. Ya know? Maybe if I keep practicing my snow dance it might actually work. Fingers crossed.


And since we are on the topic of all things merry & bright, I stole these three looks from my Tumblr as my inspiration for events, parties and who knows.. maybe grocery shopping ;)

Not sure what has come over me but I'm really loving red lipstick, cat eyes and high heels these days. 

What's on everyone's weekend agenda?


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