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I love yoga. For some strange reason it always seems to be such an effort to make it to a class. The timing wasn't right, it's too expensive, the list goes ON. For something that always makes me feel so relaxed and centered it's quite an issue of actually getting there.

So the plot thickens. I was browsing Wal-Mart yesterday morning for boring items (TP, soap, dust buster. OH I could go with the boring details of my domestic life) anyways, I found myself near the fitness isle when it all went down, Jillian Micheal's and I locked eyes. Yoga meltdown DVD? 30 minutes? under $10? LOSE 5lbs A WEEK? Sold to the lady with a sock in her hair.

Today will be the first day I attempt this yoga meltdown jazz. I may have put my yoga shorts, top, mat all together so I could jump on it when I get home from work. Pretty excited for this, I'm not banking on losing 5 lbs a week, but if it was to happen I would not complain.. jus' sayin.Maybe if I crank the heat in the living room it would be just like hot yoga. HAH. I crack myself up. With any luck maybe this motivation will keep my holiday binge eating bouts at bay. Fingers crossed, my friends. Fingers crossed. I will let you all know how I feel after a few rounds of trying this and if I see an improvements (in body and weight).

Now, let's get these three work days over with! I'm ready for turkey and family and rubbing my sister's pregnant belly.


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