Well wishings to you and yours

As we bid farewell to another year, I can't help but reflect on 2012. I finally feel that I'm turning into the person I have always strive to be. I had to say goodbye to loved ones who left this earth but I'm also welcoming a godson in just a few short weeks.

So here it is, my friends the last day of the year! I want to whole heartily thank you all for tuning in and reading my words. It means more to me than any of you will ever know. Truly. This next year as my New Years resolution always is, drink more water but I want to add one more to my list, I want to be stronger both mentally and physically. Not a big list, but I keep my priorities straight and try to keep myself level headed, I don't like to disappoint myself.

The future is bright and I'm ready for a fresh start in this chapter of my life filled with love, prosperity, home grown veggies, adventure, babies and what ever else is thrown my way.

This version always makes me weep a bit. Swoon.

So, to everyone happiest of happy new years! Make smart decisions! 
Cheers! XO.

The perfect snow day

Oh hey guys,

So I know I've been slacking these past few days. Can ya blame a girl? last week was crazy with the holidays, all those cookies breaks and all this glorious snow we've been having. It was just an epic day off, I even set off the smoke alarm while cooking.

 Yes Charles gets his own pancake.


Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday. J.&I had a lovely day with his family, we are truly blessed.

Christmas Eve around this farmhouse

Spending this very special evening with my favorite guy.

Just soaking up relaxation with J., wrapping gifts, watching holiday movies. I want to bottle this rare moment and hold onto it tight.


Little fun fact about J. He is really good at wrapping gifts, and it makes me so depressed since mine look like the handy work of a toddler. It's quite a shame. But this guy of mine, he's something talented. Swoon.


Merry Christmas Eve everyone!
May it be plentiful with family, friends, food & festive fun!


P.S it would not be a successful Christmas Eve post if there was not a little diddy from my favorite holiday movie, A Muppet Christmas Carol. So, without further ado, Kermit the Frog.

A little get together

Last evening my dad, sister, her husband (and baby on the way!) came over for a little dinner at the farmhouse.

Yes, I'm kicking myself because there are no photos of the people. Sigh.

This was the first time J. & I had entertained in the new digs, and we both agreed at the end of the evening that as happy as we are living here, we are anxious for the rest of the house to be done. It get's a little crowded quickly in our current living space.
It was a simple evening, but the food was great and the company even better.

Holiday floral arrangement

All you will need is:

- A flower vase.
- Multiple bags o'cranberries (I bought fresh not frozen)
- Whatever tickles your fancy with the flowers. I chose red (not shown) and white tulips, since they are one of my faves.

This is so simple, I feel guilty for considering just this as a blog post.

Put a small amount of water is the vase, you want enough so the flowers can reach.

Add a good amount of cranberries in, then the flowers. Add some more berries till the vase is pretty much full.

You may need to adjust a bit till it looks just right, but, there you go. Kudos Martha Stewart, you make my life a much prettier place.

So much to celebrate!

People of my blog! 

Happy first day of Winter! Happy Winter Solstice! Happy bogus doomsday! 

"I prefer winter.. when you feel the bone structure of the landscape.. 
something waits beneath it, the whole story does not show."
- Andrew Wyeth

It's always sad to bid farewell to Autumn, but I'm welcoming Winter with open arms aaaaand we're one day closer to Spring. 

To get into the holiday spirit and to kick off my soon to be mini vacation, I decided to be festive at work today. If the world was going to end, at least I'm dressed well.

But most importantly, happy Friday, lovies.


In memory

This is first year in the history of my being that I will not be spending Christmas in my hometown. J & I decided that we wanted to be together this year, so Thanksgiving with my family and Christmas with his. This is also the very first year my Christmas will be without a very dear women in my life.

As I'm typing this and wiping the tears from my eyes, I'm reflecting on how fortunate I was to have the most amazing Grandparents on both sides (which is an understatement). My Grandmother was the glue to my holidays, and I feel that I may never truly feel the same this time of year. Although she may no longer be here with us in person, she is very much alive in my heart, and this is how people live on forever, you carry them with you through life.

Merry Christmas, Memere. You are missed more than I could ever describe.


(I'm very grateful to have one Grandparent left, my Gramma. She may be across the country, but she is my rock.)

Cool as a peppermint

Blazer: Vintage Pendleton/ Top: Madewell/ Pants: Anne Taylor Loft/ Pumps: Urban Outfitters

For about two years, I have been obsessed with the store Madewell (the beautiful cousin of JCrew). I frequently look at their website and drool over their perfect frocks and lovely accessories. I'm not sure why it has taken me so long to get something from there? but I finally did it! I got this tee and let me tell you, it was worth it. It's the perfect addition to my striped shirt collection, plus how festive? I look like a darn candy cane annnnd I love it.

In other news, Christmas is less then a week away! WHAT! I've done everything in my power to avoid the mall, because you all know how I feel about that place. Bless you, online shopping. Now, hold onto your antlers kiddies and let the countdown begin.

The weather outside if frightful

But this dress is so delightful.

 Dress: Old Navy/ Cardi: JCrew/ Belt: Urban Outfitters/ Wedges: Target

Bright colors on dreary days, like this rain crap weather always seems to lift my mood.

Also, since we are on the topic of weather- not so thrilled that all the beautiful snow will be gone by Thursday! So here are some shots from yesterday, just so we can remember how lovely Narnia is.


Heavy hearted

I can't seem to shake the tragedy that happened on Friday and the sadness attached to it. This has weighed heavily on my mind all weekend. I've gone over it so many times, why? what was going through this persons mind? could it have been prevented? The fact this happened in a "good town" should make no difference, because the fact is this should not be expected anywhere, in any town. Ever.

The teachers.

The familes.

The children.

The innocent and beautiful children.

I'm so angry and frustrated with this whole situation and all the terrible events that have happened recently and could have been prevented. A school (or a mall, or a movie theater) is supposed to be a safe haven not somewhere people should fear for their lives. I'm not sure what is happening but the world is becoming a more frighting place with every growing second. I don't know what I can possibly do but with every fiber that I'm made of says "DO SOMETHING!" This is the time of the year to be with family, loved ones, a season of peace and goodwill towards men. I can't imagine imagine how the victims families are feeling, but it makes me sick to my stomach to even try to fathom such a loss.

To all the mothers, fathers, kids, whoever reads this, if there is one thing that you get from this is, count your blessings. Nothing in this life is guaranteed, so hug tightly who you love close and tell them how much they mean to you every single day and mean it.

(I'm not going to touch base on the topic of gun control, I have my opinion about it and I have stated before that this is a place where I choose to not discuss controversial matters. If you want to post a comment, please be respectful to me and everyone who may read this.)   

Snow flurry preparation

Today J. had one of his crew workers over to the farmhouse to help with wrapping up some winterization projects. Normally I am the little helper, but when it comes to nail guns, big loud scary saws and being in cold spaces for long periods of time, I'm no good. To tell the truth, I'm a-ok with that, plus he gets to chat it up about all things manly (growing beards, trucks, you know, guy stuff ;) )

I've spent my time today puttering around the house, eating lots of clementines, fetching split wood to bring into the house and admiring the overcast grey skies spitting snow. We're supposed to get about 2 inches tonight and up to FOUR tomorrow. Beyond excited! I mean, if it's going to be so chilly then there may as well be a beautiful white blanket to cover the ground. Right? I can always tell when we are about to get some serious weather, thanks to my sad right ankle that I broke when I was just a little girl. She gets all achy and it kind of hurts to walk, but hey, at least I can prepare for weather.

Fingers crossed for a snow day tomorrow!

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