Afternoon Agenda

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I think this afternoon is just perfect enough to put on my bean boots, grab a knitted hat, and go for a romp through the woods with my trusty companion Charles and my camera. (Anyone who happens to live next door and is reading this, they are always welcome to join.)

The only noise I want to listen to the birds chirp, smell the evergreens, for my nose to turn bright red, and to feel the crunch of the hard earth beneath my boots. I always feel so much more relaxed after spending time in nature, and Charles always loves a good woodland adventure. Lately I feel my creativity is drained so I hope with bringing my camera it will recharge me. Added bonus? it's sunny out which means I get my vitamin D and I get to karate chop seasonal affective disorder in the head. As the days creep deeper into December, I'm becoming more anxious for a good amount of snow. My curiosity for snowshoeing seems to grow and I have this very specific image in my head the way it should happen, Fair Isle sweaters, braids, a picnic are all expected. OH my heart!.

Ps. I've been feeling a little under the weather for the past few days, so sorry for a lack of postings.


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