Days like this

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I've been battling a lingering cold for weeks now. Sniffles, cough, achey, moody, lethargic, etc. But life goes on despite me feeling like my head is a balloon and I can't see straight. Today more than lately (due to a sleepless night) I've been daydreaming about being home. It's so weird when I have sick day or the day off, since I'm never home from the hours of 7-1 Mon-Fri, the house has a different feel to it, like it's not mine

Oh how I wish I was curled up in my favorite blanket, located either on my little nook of the couch or sprawled out in bed, in my favorite Nordic sweater that J. owns, there would be endless bowls of Whole Foods chicken and rice stew and Bon Iver playing ever so quietly in the background to lull me to sleep. Oh glorious sleep, I can't wait till we are reunited! and now I'm so homesick.


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