Snow flurry preparation

Today J. had one of his crew workers over to the farmhouse to help with wrapping up some winterization projects. Normally I am the little helper, but when it comes to nail guns, big loud scary saws and being in cold spaces for long periods of time, I'm no good. To tell the truth, I'm a-ok with that, plus he gets to chat it up about all things manly (growing beards, trucks, you know, guy stuff ;) )

I've spent my time today puttering around the house, eating lots of clementines, fetching split wood to bring into the house and admiring the overcast grey skies spitting snow. We're supposed to get about 2 inches tonight and up to FOUR tomorrow. Beyond excited! I mean, if it's going to be so chilly then there may as well be a beautiful white blanket to cover the ground. Right? I can always tell when we are about to get some serious weather, thanks to my sad right ankle that I broke when I was just a little girl. She gets all achy and it kind of hurts to walk, but hey, at least I can prepare for weather.

Fingers crossed for a snow day tomorrow!


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