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First off I want to apologize for disappearing on my loyal readers.

January in short has not been kind to me, and this year has not started the way I had hoped. I'm going to take the rest of this month off to regroup and gather myself and begin February bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Thank you for understanding and see you all shortly.


I'm ready

For Spring.

Pastel hues.
Crocuses, tulips & daffodils.
To dig in the dirt.
The maiden voyage upon the riding lawn mower.
Home grown veggies.
Opening the windows in the farmhouse.
To finally get some chickens.
Long sunny days.
Warmth in my bones
I can accept the time we have left with old man Winter, I will still get excited when it snows..
 but I'm officially counting down the days.

71 to go.


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"There were days
and there were days I know
when all we ever wanted
was to learn and love and grow
Once we grew into our shoes
we told them where to go
Walked halfway around the world
on promise of the glow
Stood upon a mountain top
Walked barefoot in the snow
Gave the best we had to give
How much we'll never know we'll never know."

-Grateful Dead "Days Between"

I feel a change from within; I'm not sure where it is coming from either. The new year? my cold? whatever the cause, I feel different, but calm but with a consistent lump in my throat as a constant reminder that there is something beyond the river bend that I have yet to discover.. 

Today is a very special day!

Today Charles turns 7!

As I'm tearing up typing this and saying to myself as I so often do, you grew up so fast!
You're the happiest part of my day everyday and I truly could not imagine a life without you (but I have thought about it from time to time ;) )

So thank you, my little one for always giving me the sweetest westie kisses when I needed them most and sticking by my side from our highest highs to our lowest lows. You are a gem.

Momma loves you!

Pardon moi

People of my blog,

I'm sorry that I have so sporadic with posts lately. To be honest, I feel like poo these past few days, since New Years Eve to be precise.

Once again I've been lucky enough to pick up another cold with the added bonus of heartburn to accompany it. So I've been laying low and resting up so I can feel like myself again and go one with living like a "normal life".

I hope everyone is having a happy and healthy new year thus far.

Be back soon. I promise!


Greetings from the Arctic Tundra

Let me start off by saying, I don't mind the cold; I do however have beef when it is -8 degrees outside at 7:00 am when I need to be on my way to work. When my car has been started 10 minutes prior on full blast heat with heated seats on and it's still an ice box. Oy! Maine, you're killing me! Last winter it was unseasonably warm, so when it's only a high of 19 degrees it's a bit rough to adjust. Tomorrow is supposed to be a high of 32 degrees and it is going to feel like Spring. Mainer's are a funny breed, we truly are. It will be March and 45 outside and I kid you not, people will be in shorts and a tee shirts running errands, and the occasional pair of flip flops can be seen sported around town.

The layering process I go through just for a five minute walk to the office is a little humorous these days. A dress, cardi, sweatshirt, long johns, scarf, hat, two pairs of wool socks, Sherpa lined LL Bean duck boots, dress coat and sunnies later and I'm ready for work!

Just got to keep on keeping on, as all the cool kids say. But in all seriousness, bundle up, little babies! My nose was on the verge of falling off and frost bite is common this time of year.

Let the countdown begin!

- 43 till Valentines Day (I actually could care less about VD, but J. always gets me chocolate covered strawberries, so it's something to look forward to.)

-58 till March 1st.

- 68 till Daylight Savings.

- 75 till St. Patrick's Day (again, another holiday I could care less about, but it breaks up the month of March.. and I like the color green.)

- 78 till the first day of Spring.

- 89 till Easter.

- 90 till April 1st.

I have to stop at April, because honestly when it's 100+ days till May it tends to bum me out. 

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