Frustration with social media

Along with the millions of my fellow bloggers, we all strive for a similar goal, for people to read our blog and for our audience to care about our lives. When I type that out it makes me feel a little pathetic, like I'm jumping up and down screaming "look at meeeeeee! care about what I'm doing!", which I pray it does not come across as. I use this form of writing to keep my mind sharp, to challenge myself daily through writing while attempting to be clever or creative, to document my life, and whoever wants to come along for the ride is more than welcome.

There comes a point when I get frustrated; that I don't get so many page views, or don't have double digit followers, or anyone knocking on my door asking to sponsor me and you know what? it bums me out. I'm only human. It then occurs to me, that so many of my idols of the blogging world have a few factors down:

1.) They've been around for 4+ years and have well established themselves in the blogging community. They too once upon a time may have felt the same as I do at moments.   

2.) My favorite fashion bloggers have CRAZY money to shell out on clothes. To be honest, these days I'm lucky enough to have $10 left over from my paychecks after paying bills and buying groceries.

3.) My location is not ideal. I don't live in NYC, or DC, of Cali. I live in Maine. The. boonies. of. Maine. Thus not a lot of activity going on to document.

4.) I'm not that great at photography. I really don't really have mad skills to share.

5.) Facebook, this blog & instagram suck up enough of my time, I can't imagine trying to maintain another social media site (twitter I may never understand you.)

To elbrate on the last point, sometimes I feel that I'm shelling out so much of Maggie to social media that I'm not living. Of course I enjoy updating my sites, if I didn't I would deactivate FB and abandon the rest. It's such a competitive world already, and maybe this blog is not as successful as I wish it would be but again, there is a real world out there and I don't want to spend all of my time plugged in just for the sake of attempting to get famous.

Thank you for listening to this ridiculous rant.
OH and Happy Valentines day, you love boats.



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