Long weekend plans

My birthday gift from J./ A vast variety of seedling packets of different herbs and veggie greens.

Oh boy oh boy do I have big weekend plans! hah. J. will be tied up at a trade show all weekend which means.. I will have the farmhouse all to myself. Which leads you all to think, what would Maggie do for three glorious days off all alone? well, today is your lucky day my friends, because no longer will you have to sit and wonder what I do.

I'm taking full advantage of this alone time to do my normal routine, grocery shopping, half-assed vacuum job, but wait for it, EARLY SPRING CLEANING! have I mentioned ever how much I love the first early round of spring cleaning? no? oh, well I do. I like taking every single of item of clothing I own, throwing it in a pile, analyzing it, pondering, thinking "well, I have not worn this in 2 years.. buuuuuut I might want it "someday", then proceed to refold everything and put it away with care. The intentions of donating clothes are always there but I never can go through with it (hence the 2 bags of salvation army donations that have been lurking in the trunk of my vehicle for over a year) 

But wait, it gets juicier. I (intend) on scrubbing the bathrooms till they shine, steam clean the floors, take every book off the bookshelves and dust behind them! A thorough cleansing of my house in much needed. It's like saying "Hey, winter! I'm sick of you, so I'm going to pull out all of my spring ammunition to really show you whose boss. Take that!" I really know how to stick it to that grouchy old man winter.

I can blast my Bon Iver pandora station, crank up the stoves, prance around the house in shorts to really get in the vibe of spring.. and once everything on my lengthy list is kaput, it's cooking time! I have a plethora of fabulous recipes I've been itchy to create and after the house is cleaned, the food is cooked, the puppies have been loved, it's time to rest my old bones, plop down on the couch (or bed) curl up and watch some netflix. BOOM. I just took it to the next level. 

What does everyone have on their weekend agenda? 



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