On the eve of my birthday

I have a confession, I don't like birthdays. Oh you don't either? okay good. I rarely ever drink booze, so going out and getting hammered is not my idea of fun and expensive dinners are nice and all, but honestly, I don't want to spend a fortune when there are much more important things money could go to. I especially do not like the fact I was born in the middle of Winter; ever since I was a little girl I always felt like I was supposed to be a Autumn baby (no rhyme or reason to it, just felt like it was meant to be)

23 was decent, but I'm excited for 24. I'm finally moving out of my "early 20's" which I don't like being in the category of, being an old soul and all (but I still look like I'm 18? Sigh.) I feel that I'm slowly turning into the person I've wanted to be. I'm becoming quite a little chef, I have a beautiful farmhouse, a wonderful man in my life, a godson on the way, three stinky yet lovable substitute babies, and an extremely supportive family. My life is good, currently complicated and beyond stressful, but good. I'm ready to embrace what this age has in store for me, the lessons to be learned, the feelings to be felt, the memories to be made.

And those my friends, are some of the best birthday gifts a lady could ask for. 

Ready or not, 24, here I come!



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