Putting my hobbies to good use

While on vacation from Beautifully Simple, I spent many days thinking of where I wanted this blog to go. What was the theme? oh yeah.. I hate themes, should it just be a generalized lifestyle blog? I want this to be a fashion blog but no one to take the photos and mirror shots are LAME sauce.

I think I'm finally getting close to what I want to focus on. I want this to still be a lifestyle blog, because in all honesty, I love my farmhouse and think it's a pretty cool transition to document that is underway but with renovations at a standstill there is no subject.I promise when work begins I will have thorough coverage of it in every painful teeny tiny details right down to what paint color we used.

I'm sure everyone who follows me on Instagram or is a Facebook friend has noticed that I like, nay love to cook and then proceed to take photos of my dishes. I get a lot of messages from people about recipes I post so I want to start posting them on here and take photos of the step by step process with the end result. I will need to get nerdy and put a "recipe" column at the top so they will be easily locatable and knowing my obsessive love for organizing they will be broken up into categories and labeled properly (ex. gluten free, vegetarian, poultry, etc.) My culinary senses are coming back to life and I'm itchy to take on new recipes that I would never dare try.

I would love some feedback with this decision, and again this will not a strictly food blog.



  1. I say go for it girl. Cooking and writing recipes makes me happy, too!

  2. Stay tuned Amber, I have some amazing Vegan recipes I've been dying to post!


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