A rant about life

I feel my life is parallel to the changing of seasons.

This past winter was a very deep, dark, cold time. I was beyond stressed and unhappy despite my best efforts. There were multiple things in my life that were out of my control, and if there is one thing that I need in my life is control. I wont go into much detail but it was like I had fallen down after being punched and life just kicking me in the ribs over and over again.

Fast forward to now, as many of my facebook friends saw on Monday, I will be starting a new job soon. I've been working at a law firm as one of their receptionists going on three years this June. I loved my routine, my people, but man, part time was killing me financially and mentally. There is nothing quite as frustrating as sending your resume out which seems to everyone, with no calls, or emails, or interviews. You know your self worth, you know you're a smart, capable, valuable person, but rejection (or silience) after months, and no one seems to want to give you a chance, it certainly wears a person down. As sad as I am to leave a place I am comfortable in, with the best coworkers, it is time for me to venture out into this big scary world to be the new girl; to use all that I have learned in these past three years and to grow, learn and thrive. The fact that I have the support, and the kindest words from all of my coworkers boosted my confidence that this is the right move. Change is okay. Am I terrified? absolutley, but there is something so wonderfully refreshing about it; as if it awakens your senses.

A full time job is not just a full time job, it means personal stability, it makes me a better partner to J., that I have something to bring to the table and it speeds up our renovation plans now that I can contribute. I'm coming out of my cocoon to spread my brightly colored new wings to the chilled spring air. I am at the tail end of the darkest period straight into the dawn of a new beginning in a chapter of my life. Soo many cliches in a single post. People, what I am trying to convey is that I think my life is turning out the way I have always planned and I could not be happier.  



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