The day my world changed forever

The last week of June, I had my suspicions and once 10 days had come and gone, I collected my courage after work one evening I purchased a home pregnancy test and prenatal vitamins (just in case you know, if it was negative I would still take them and my hair would look great. Win win.) I decided after reading many reviews to take the test in the morning. A restless night of sleep and being wide awake at 4:30 I decided “well, what better time than this to see?” Longest three minutes of my life. It was July 2nd at 4:45 in the morning; the wind and rain were whipping outside the farmhouse when those two little pink lines showed up on the screen. At that moment I don’t think I have ever been so happily terrified in my entire life. I woke up James and cried heavily in his arms and we stayed up until the morning light talking and him reassuring me that “everything will be alright.” I am a lucky gal.  

I of course I had to tell my sister immediately. When she told me last summer that she was expecting, I had visions of our babies growing up together and having the best childhoods just like I shared with my cousin who happens to be still be one of my best friends. She gave birth to her son this past March 8th, I was so fortunate to be there for her, to make sure she had a cool washcloth on her forehead and to be a personal cheerleader, plus a few days after at home to help out. My due date (and as we all know, that is just an estimated time of arrival not a dead set date) is March 5th. One year apart, could it get any dreamier? Her reaction validated that this was indeed a great thing to come and her positive loving words reassuring me that I will be the best little momma was exactly what I needed. Sisters, they always have the right words to say. 

James and I always said we would want babies someday, and although this is sooner then we both planned for (I admittedly have always dreamed of having one Autumn and one Spring baby) and I thought for sure I would have my heart set on a little girl, but now that I’m here I don’t care about what the gender is or what month I give birth, as long as the baby is healthy. As cheesy as it sounds, I really never knew a love like this could exist.

My first trimester was shaky. I luckily only vomited a hand full of times, but the nausea was consistent and some days were better than others. Early on everything made me gag, my house, conditioner, the thought of some foods, not eating enough, eating too much; it got so bad at one point I turned to James with sad eyes and said “I’ve officially changed my name to Gaggie.” Also, HOLY FATIGUE! It was a difficult transition, I had been working out 5-6 days a week and walking regularly for about 5 weeks and results had just started to show, but with fatigue and nausea it was almost impossible to keep up with my routine. My eating also declined; when nothing tastes good and you feel like you woke up with the stomach flu every morning, peanut butter toast, oatmeal, rice, or pasta are about the only things you can stomach that’s what you eat to survive. The past couple of weeks I have made strides with the return of my energy and a stronger stomach to ease back into fitness, which I'm beyond excited about. All in all, there were more days when I was put up in bed then not. Just between you and me, I may have shed a few tears over no more raw sushi or the occasional adult beverage. I can’t tell you how many times I have daydreamed and found myself drooling thinking about a gorgeous plate of sashimi; in the big picture it’s a small sacrifice for a short few months.
I have been wanting for something big and inspiring to get me back to this old blog of mine and what better thing then my pregnancy to get me back into the swing of things. I always knew that I would want to document being pregnant after reading so many lovely composed bloggers whom I greatly admire. So, I hope you all want to join me on this exciting journey to motherhood.


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