On raising a daughter

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I've been stewing over writing this post for quite some time, but never knew which words were "right" for what I was trying to say.

I've had six months since finding out we were expecting to think about how we plan on raising our child. I feel so fortunate that James and I are on the exact same page of child raising expectations. As so many parents do before they meet their baby, they dream of who they want them to be, I am no exception. There are things that I'm so excited to show her in this great big world, so many things I have to teach her. I would be lying if I said that I'm not excited for matching mother-daughter outfits; but to teach her how to plant flowers, or to make pasta sauce for example, this is what I'm most excited for. I can't wait to see the excitement in her eyes, and the wanting to learn.

I want to raise her to be to a gentle soul but strong when needed, to remain humble, to be present in the moment and not dwell on the past, to feel empowered in being herself, to know it's alright to make mistakes, to be independant but know it's okay to ask for help. I want to raise a little lady. For a large portion of my life I tried to be someone I was not to fit in, I hope my daughter can learn from my mistakes and not have to feel alienated in her own skin.

Well into my early teen years I've struggled with body issues, since becoming pregnant I'm learning to accept my ever changing body. Sure, I have days when I feel very frumpy and large especially when nothing fits right, but what this body of mine is doing is incredible when I think about it. I mean, I'm growing a child, who I will bring into this world, and get to raise her. High five body. High five. I hope through this expercience it will give me power to show her to be proud of what you have, this is the only body we are given, so embrace it. I will be mindful of no self-body shamming, that is not the atmosphere I want her to grow up in.

All in all, I guess I'm nervous. Nervous that I hope that I do the best job I can to raise her well, with the help of James (we are a team after all.) And I pray she does not turn out too sassy like her mother! 


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