Half Birthday

When fellow parents say don't blink, because you're baby will grow up too quick, I understand now. Here we are, six months old, halfway through our first year together. So rather than dwell on how time is flying, let's celebrate every milestone Lucy is slamdunking.
Six months has brought us
Sitting up on our own.
Mastered the phrases "maamaaa" & "baaabaa"
Is now able to eat soilds.
Teething like a drooling maniac.
Scoots around on the floor.
Picks out what toy she wants to play with.
Dives into my lap with open arms.
Loves playing in the grass.
Gets insulted if I attempt to give her a pacifer.
Gives out smiles, hugs & open mouth kisses like it's her job.
Is up 6am & is a chatter box.
Is a shutterbug.
Anything you are doing or holding is the most sought after thing.
Likes to check her toes immediatly after waking up.
Goes to bed at 7pm, or else there is serious hell to pay.
Her bouncy seat has clocked in a lot of hours in the past week.
She loves her puppies with reckless abandon.
She is our beautiful, hilarious, wild, smart, happy, affectionate, talkative, little Lucy &
we can't wait to see what the next six months brings us.


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