2015: the year to simplify

At the tale end of 2014 I was taking serious stock of what both Jim and I and now Lucy had accumulated in stuff. It wasn't that much compared to a typical household, but enough to keep me up at night driving me just a little crazy. 

The funny thing is when I first was on my own, I thought an apartment filled with stuff was a good thing. Knickknacks, random books, stupid amounts of clothing I never wore, it all seemed relevant like I was doing well in life. Cue to a few years later, I'm loading up the back of my vehicle with trash bag after trash bag of clothes, and just random things that were taking up space that we never used. I began to resent it all, why do we spend money on DVDS when they just collect dust and I can watch it on netflix? Why do I keep buying beauty products, lotions, when in reality I've used the same face wash, moisturizer, make up for almost a decade and it's predictable, but at least I know they work for me, and won't cause any flare up. Don't even get me started on the money I've wasted on cleaning products over the years. Since Lucy has become mobile the only items you will find to clean with are white vineager, baking soda and essential oils. 

Wih expelling all these unnecessary material possessions I was still feeling claustrophobic and stressed out, so after much thought and reflection to get to the route of my anxieties, Jim and I both had a much needed heart to heart about our dogs. Since Lucy was born it was a tough transition for them, our babies were basically demoted to just pet status overnight. They were not getting the love and attention they deserved with Jim working long hours and me busy with the baby. To make matters worse, Charles and Denada (our chocolate Labrador) were unsure with their opinions of our new family member. We gave it 10 months, and it just seemed to get progressively worse. Charles has always had a tendency to mess in the house, which totally escalated out of jealousy. It got to the point where Charles and Denada were put in a certain part of our house for them to hang out in, totally unfair to them.

So as many of you know yesterday Denada went to her new home, and I got a text last night of her and her new owner snuggled up on the couch, it made my heart so happy.

And now for the big news which this blog post was all about, Charles. Oh Charles, my sweet little westie. It just was not working out at our home anymore with him and the baby, so yesterday as well he went to go live with his new family. The silver lining in all this is, our amazing next door neighbors adopted him. I can literally see him outside of our windows, go visit him whenever, or steal him away for a couple hours to snuggle. This is truly the happiest ending for our beloved puppies, they are now back to getting everything they deserve.

As for our black Labrador, Jana, she is staying put. She is so patient and has an incredible bond with Lucy. She tested positive for Lyme disease last summer and since has lost a lot of weight, so it's our goal to get her healthy again. 

So that is how our new year has started, and I'm actively trying to find ways to keep simplifying our lives. 


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